instacover Instacover - Extended Warranty Terms And Conditions


    1. These terms and conditions (Terms) set out the agreement between you and InstaCover Extended Warranty Programme in relation to your purchase and use of the Service (the Agreement).
    2. You acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms. Your use of the Service upon the Start Date constitutes unconditional acceptance to be bound by these Terms as may be amended from time to time.
    3. Words and phrases which appear in bold are defined in the context which they appear or in the definition in clause 13 below.
    4. A reference to “you” and “your” means the customer who seeks to enroll or has enrolled for the Service.
    1. InstaCover reserves the right to suspend, modify or discontinue any part or all of the Service or Programme at any time at its sole discretion.
    1. Enrolment criteria – In order to apply for enrolment in the Service for your Registered Device you must:
      1. Ensure that the Registered Device has passed the InstaCover functionality check.
    2. Time of application – Customer can subscribe anytime as long as the Registered Device has passed the end to end test.
    3. Acceptance and rejection
      1. Unless InstaCover notifies you by email, telephone or SMS within 7 days of your application that your application is unsuccessful, you will be enrolled in your Programme with respect to your Registered Device from the date you register for InstaCover Extended Warranty service.
      2. Your application will be unsuccessful if:
        1. any of the eligibility criteria in clause 3.1 is not met;
        2. you have previously been rejected or terminated from the Service or a similar service; or
        3. for any other reason in InstaCover’s sole discretion.
    4. Other conditions
      1. You can only enroll in the Service for one Registered Device per mobile phone number.
      2. You may apply to register multiple Eligible Devices for the Service (each with a separate Agreement and mobile phone number) but you must pay the applicable Fees for each Eligible Device.

    You may enroll in the Service on a monthly or a one-off payment scheme of 6 or 12 months (Subscription).

  5. FEES
    1. Subscription Fee

      For each Subscription permitted under these Terms you will pay the Subscription Fee set out in the table below based on the device value evaluated by InstaCover:

      InstaCover Extended Warranty Pricing
      Device RRP ( MYR ) 1 - 1,000 1,001 - 1,500 1,501 - 3,000 3,001 - 4,500 4,501 - 6,000 Above 6,000
      3 Months InstaCover Extended Warranty
      Subscription Fee RM40.00 RM62.50 RM125.00 RM200.00 RM275.00 RM350.00
      6 Months InstaCover Extended Warranty
      Subscription Fee RM48.00 RM75.00 RM150.00 RM240.00 RM330.00 RM420.00
      9 Months InstaCover Extended Warranty
      Subscription Fee RM64.00 RM100.00 RM200.00 RM320.00 RM440.00 RM560.00
      12 Months InstaCover Extended Warranty
      Subscription Fee RM80.00 RM125.00 RM250.00 RM400.00 RM550.00 RM700.00
    2. Incorrect Device – If you make a Service Request but the Device claimed to be the Registered Device is not the Registered Device, your Service Request will be rejected.
    3. SST –If applicable, SST will be collected with the Fees.
    1. You may make a Service Request by contacting the Call Centre via email at
    2. The Call Centre will only accept your Service Request if:
      1. the IMEI of the Registered Device, subscriber’s name, mobile phone number and National ID under which the account is active are correct and correspond with the information you have given during the service application via InstaCover mobile application;
      2. you provide any additional information reasonably requested by InstaCover including in the form of a signed confirmation or acknowledgment;
      3. you are within the Limit as set out in clause 6.3 below;
      4. InstaCover has no reasonable belief that you have transferred, retailed, sold, or hired your Registered Device to another person;
      5. the Service Request is not for a Device Accessory;
      6. the Registered Device has not been the subject of Modification; and
      7. InstaCover reasonably believes that you are not using the Service in a manner which is, or is reasonably believed to be, fraudulent, illegal, or related to any criminal activity; or intended to make a commercial gain.

      You may be notified if your Service Request is not accepted for any of the above reasons at any time in which case, the Registered Device will be returned back to you on an immediate basis.

    3. Your Registered Device is covered for the warranty service until the subscription period ends or exceeds the InstaCover’s declared value or whichever comes first, starting from the date of enrolment;
    4. Information - When you make a Service Request, you are required to establish that your Registered Device is not broken, damaged or that any analogous event has occurred.
    1. Preparation – You must turn off any personal lock security feature before returning your Registered Device via the Courier.
    2. Device data – You shall be solely responsible for all data stored in your Registered Device and you shall delete all data from the Registered Device before its collection by InstaCover. InstaCove is not responsible for data you left on the Registered Device In the event there is any inconvenience, delay, loss, misappropriation of or damage to any data or information, you agree not to hold InstaCover responsible or liable for any such damage to you.
    1. Address in Malaysia – The delivery must be to your registered or billing address in Malaysia. InstaCover will not deliver your Repaired Mobile Device to a post office box, public transportation station, shopping centre, car park or any other public place. The decision to deliver to any location, including an address that is not your registered or billing address in Malaysia, is in InstaCover’s sole discretion.
    2. Service Timeline – The end to end service timeline would take an average of 7 workings from the date that we receive the device to the date that the device has been repaired and returned to the customer
    3. Costs – Deliveries to an address in Malaysia will be made at no charge to you except that any deliveries after two failed attempts to deliver to you, will be subject to a surcharge to be paid by you in advance via Online Bank Transfer.
    4. Appointed Logistic Partner
      1. Line Clear
      2. Tahira
      3. GDex
      4. In House Despatch
    5. Incorrect Device
      1. If the make, model or IMEI of the Device you present does not correspond to that of the Registered Device, then the Service Request will not be completed.
      2. If InstaCover discovers that the Device you returned via the Courier was not the Registered Device at the time we receive it, we will return the device to you without any actions.
      3. Failure to disable locking – If Instacover discovers that you did not turn off the personal lock security feature in the Device you returned via the Courier. Instacover will return the Device to you at your cost
    6. Warranty – You are entitled to a 1-month after repair warranty for your repaired mobile device.
    7. Acknowledgement
      1. At any time prior to the time of the delivery, InstaCover may require you to sign an acknowledgment or confirmation form when you receive your repaired device.
      2. You acknowledge that:
        1. you have been provided with the opportunity to inspect the Delivered Device as delivered to you by the Courier;
    1. InstaCover will supply your Programme to you from the Start Date until it is terminated in accordance with this clause.
    2. Termination by InstaCover –InstaCover may immediately terminate your Programme and this Agreement at any time if InstaCover reasonably believes that:
      1. you are using the Service (whether intentionally or not) in a way that may adversely impact the reputation of InstaCover;
      2. you are using the Service in a manner which is, or is reasonably believed to be, fraudulent, illegal or related to any criminal activity; or intended to make a commercial gain;
      3. you have breached, or are likely to breach, these Terms or have engaged in cheating;
      4. you are or may become bankrupt or unable to pay your debts as they fall due;
      5. you have provided InstaCover with incorrect, false or incomplete information;
      6. you are likely to create imminent harm or harass or are abusive to any personnel of InstaCover and its service providers, sub-contractors and agents; or
      7. for any other reason at InstaCover’s sole discretion.
    3. Automatic – Your Programme and the Agreement will terminate immediately if:
      1. InstaCover discovers that you have transferred, sold, displayed for sale, or let on hire your Registered Device.
    4. Consequences of termination
      1. No refund – To the extent that InstaCover is not in breach of any of its obligations under these Terms, if your Subscription is terminated under clause 9.1, 9.2 or 9.3, you will not be refunded any part of the Fees you have paid.
      2. No reactivation – If the Service has been terminated for a Registered Device, the Service cannot be reactivated for that Registered Device.
      3. Prohibition – With respect to a National ID, if you have been previously rejected or terminated from the Service or a similar service where InstaCover is the service provider, you will not be eligible to apply for the Service.
      4. Service Requests – If you have made a Service Request which is not fulfilled as at the time of the termination, the Service Request may be cancelled.
    1. You confirm that you have read, understood and consent to the InstaCover personal data protection policy and privacy notice which may be found at or such other link as may be notified by InstaCover from time to time (together, the PDP Policy).
    2. You also agree that by applying for or using the Service:
      1. you are giving consent to the appointed merchant and InstaCover (and data intermediary, for the purposes of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010) to use and/or disclose your personal information collected from you:
        1. in accordance with the PDP Policy;
        2. for the purposes of:
          1. assessing your eligibility to enrol, and continue to be enrolled, for the Programme or use the Service;
          2. providing you with the Service;
          3. generating aggregated and non-personally identifiable data sets;
          4. allowing direct and indirect contact with you in connection with the Service; and
          5. managing commercial risks, and preventing, detecting, and investigating suspected illegal activity, fraud, or disputes
        3. to any relevant governmental and/or regulatory authorities where legally required; and
      2. you consent to InstaCover’s storing or hosting data with its affiliates, partners, subsidiaries and unaffiliated third parties including third-party service providers, whether in Malaysia or other countries, for the Purposes or for any other purpose specified in the PDP Policy.
    3. InstaCover is the data user of your personal information at all times and any enquiries on the processing of your personal information will be made in accordance with the PDP Policy.
    1. Subject to change, withdrawal, termination and suspension – The Service, these Terms and the Fees are subject to change (and in the case of the Service, withdrawal), termination or suspension at any time. InstaCover will notify you of the changes through the Website and if you continue your Subscription after such changes are notified, you will be deemed to have agreed to those changes.
    2. Service providers, contractors and third parties –InstaCover may mandate a third party to provide the Service on its behalf, but in any case, your sole recourse will be against InstaCover and not such third party.
    3. Governing law – This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.
    4. Entire agreement – You hereby agree and accept that the prevailing InstaCover general terms & conditions available at or such other link as may be notified to you (General Terms) apply. These Terms are in addition to the General Terms and both these Terms and the General Terms are applicable to the relationship between InstaCover and you. In the event of inconsistency between these Terms and the General Terms, these Terms prevail.
    5. General indemnity – In no event will InstaCover, be liable to you or anyone else for any indirect, special, exemplary or consequential damages, or any damage arising out of or in connection with your access, use of, or your inability to access or use the Service or the performance or non-performance of the Service.
    6. Promotions –InstaCover may from time to time offer promotions relating to the Service. Any such promotion shall be governed by the terms and conditions attached thereto by InstaCover, and by these Terms to the extent that the promotion’s terms and conditions are silent. In the event of any conflicts between a promotion’s terms and conditions and these Terms, these Terms prevail.
    7. Under no circumstances will the appointed merchant be held responsible or liable in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs or liabilities whatsoever (including without limitation any direct or indirect damages for loss of profits, business interruption or loss of information) resulting or arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with (i) your use of or inability to use the Service or Programme or Service Request; (ii) your reliance on the information and material on the Website; and/or (iii) the Terms.

    If you have any queries, complaints, claims or feedback regarding the Service, please email us at; or alternatively you may contact the Call Centre at 03-7931 3417 between Monday and Friday (Business Days – Excluding Selangor and National Public Holidays), from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

    1. Acceptance Time means the time when the Call Centre accepts your Service Request.
    2. Call Centre means the call centre available from 9 am to 6 pm on Monday to Friday by contacting us at 03-7931 3417 or any online web portal made available on the Website, for Service Requests or general enquiries.
    3. InstaCover means CompAsia Sdn Bhd (Company No. 201201022161), for the purposes of this Agreement and the Terms.
    4. Courier means a person appointed to deliver your Repaired Mobile Devices and accept the Registered Devices in accordance with the Service.
    5. Device means a mobile cellular device that has a display screen, supports one or more wireless network connectivity options and is operated using voice, touch or a miniature keyboard. It does not include any Device Accessories.
    6. Device Accessory means anything that is either provided by the OEM with a Device or sold separately to be used in conjunction with a Device. It includes batteries, SIM cards, memory cards, chargers, ear buds, boxes, cases, cables, styli, mounts and docking stations.
    7. Fees means the fees set out in clause 5.
    8. IMEI means the international mobile equipment identity number of a Device.
    9. Hardware Modification means any modification made to a Device’s hardware not undertaken or authorised by the OEM.
    10. Limit has the meaning given to that term in clause 6.2.
    11. Modification means Software Modification or Hardware Modification or both.
    12. National ID means a valid identification document issued or accepted for verification of identity.
    13. OEM means original manufacturer of a Device.
    14. Registered Device has the meaning given to that term in clause 3.1 (a)
    15. The appointed merchant has registered with reference to its IMEI for a Programme in accordance with these Terms.
    16. Service

      means a Repair
    17. Service Request means a request for Repair permitted under these Terms.
    18. Shipment Date means the date the Courier delivers the Repaired Device to you.
    19. Software Modification means modification made to a Device’s operating system not undertaken or authorised by the OEM and includes “jail-breaking” and “rooting”.
    20. Start Date has the meaning given to that term in clause 3.3.
    21. Tier means the tier outlined for your Registered Device as advised in your Agreement, based on the Instacover evaluated device price of your Device (including SST, if applicable) on the date that the Device was evaluated by InstaCover.